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April 14, 2012 / Sian Moore

TNIR workshop programme available

Transnational industrial relations and the search for alternatives

A workshop organized by the Work and Employment Research Unit at the University of Greenwich

Sessions in Hamilton House, 15 Park Vista, Greenwich, London SE10 9LZ


Thursday 31 May


Tea and coffee, Registration


Welcome and introduction, Ian Greer, University of Greenwich




Session 1: Austerity and precarity in the crisis (chair: Ian Greer)

Lefteris Kretsos (Greenwich) ‘Austerity politics and resistance in Greece’

Orestis Papadopoulos (Warwick) ‘The responses of Greek and Irish social partners to the austerity measures and the youth employment policies’


Coffee Break


Session 2: Solidarity in European markets (chair: Lefteris Kretsos)

Lisa Berntsen and Nathan Lillie (Groningen) ’Organizing a transnational hyper-mobile workforce in the Dutch construction industry’

Ian Greer (Greenwich) and Marco Hauptmeier (Cardiff), ‘Organizing competition: Whipsawing in employment relations’

Susanne Pernicka (Linz) and Vera Glassner (ETUI), ‘European field(s) of industrial relations? Trade unions’ institutional strategies in times of crisis’




Session 3: Trade unions on the transnational stage (chair: Charles Umney)

Jamie McCallum(Middlebury), ‘Global unions, local power: Labor transnationalism from North America to the Global South’

Dirk Linder (Siemens Central Works Council), ‘Globalisation and new challenges for trade unions’

Jane Lethbridge (Greenwich), ‘The global trade union “space” in public services’


Coffee Break



Special session: Policies and perspectives on migration, the economic crisis, and multinationals in Europe* (chair: Ian Greer)

Keynote speaker: Guglielmo Meardi, Warwick

Round table discussion, with: Owen Tudor (TUC), Isabel da Costa (IDHE), Torsten Mueller (Fulda), Oscar Molina Remo (Barcelona), Magdalena Bernaciak (ETUI), Francesco Garibaldo (IRES Emilia Romagna)


Drinks reception at Hamilton House*


Dinner at the Sammy Offer Wing of the National Maritime Museum


*Registration fee not required

Friday 1 June


Tea and coffee


Parallel session 1: Theories of transnational industrial relations (chair: Graham Symon)

Barbara Bechter (Vienna), Bernd Brandl (York and Vienna), and Guglielmo Meardi (Warwick), ‘Sector or countries? Typologies and levels of analysis in comparative industrial relations’

Melanie Kryst (Marburg), ‘Transnational Alliances of Labour Unions and NGOs: An Analytical Framework’

Anne Dufresne (UCL-Louvain), ‘Coordination of collective bargaining on wages. Challenges and perspectives.’

Charles Umney (Greenwich), ‘Mobilising and managerial models of international trade unionism?’


Parallel session 2: Corporate Social Responsibility and International Framework Agreements (chair: Wim Vandekerckhove)

Jill Timms (LSE), ‘The use of CSR discourse in transnational campaigns for workers’ rights: How PlayFair 2012 mobilised the Olympic platform for protest’

Joanna Szymonek (NSZZ Solidarnosc), ‘Corporate social responsibility and foreign direct investment’

Angela B. Cornell (Cornell), ‘Transnational Collaboration and Labor Rights in Latin America: The Use of International Framework and Multi-Stakeholder Agreements’


Coffee Break


Parallel session 3: Solidarity and competition at MNCs (chair: Ulke Veersma)

Magdalena Bernaciak (ETUI), ‘Labour Solidarity in Crisis? Lessons from General Motors’

Filippo Accettella (Enel S.p.A.) and Paolo Tomassetti (Bergamo),’Shaping Global Industrial Relations and the Perspectives of the Enel case’

Isabel da Costa (IDHE) and Udo Rehfeldt (IRES), ‘Transnational Union Agreements, Restructuring and the Crisis’


Parallel session 4: IFAs and CSR in Asia (chair: Patrick McGurk)

Anton Wundrak (Berlin), ’Automotive Cluster Pune: Unions in German TNCs with IFAs’

Ravi Kant Tripathi (Kassell and Berlin), ‘Building a Social Alliance for Labour: Voices from India’

Dominic Eagleton (ActionAid UK) ‘The Asia Floor Wage campaign and corporate responses – productivity, pricing and paying a living wage’




Keynote speaker Sarah Finke, International Transport Workers Federation (chair: Charles Umney)


Wrap-up discussion (chair: Ian Greer)




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