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September 5, 2012 / Sian Moore

ESRC Seminar: Youth Precarious Employment: State and Policy Responses

In the UK and beyond, young people face a particularly difficult time as a consequence of the economic difficulties arising from the financial crisis of 2008. Young people are far more likely than other groups to be struggling to find work and, when they do, the work is more likely to be precarious and insecure. The effects of precarious employment are particularly invidious on young workers as problematic early experiences of transitions into work are more likely to be associated with a general reduction in life chances.

This seminar focuses on the implications of precarious employment among young people for governments and other public policy oriented organisations, investigating topics such as active labour market policies, minimum wage legislation and policy, work placement schemes, gender equality schemes and social security policies.

Friday 21 September 2012, 10:30am – 5:30pm

Venue: University of Greenwich, Hamilton House, 15 Park Vista, Greenwich, London, SE10 9LZ.

Further information:

Friday 21 September 2012


Tea and coffee, Registration (fee not required)


Welcome and introduction, Lefteris Kretsos, University of Greenwich


Session 1: (chair: Melanie Simms, IRRU University of Warwcik)

  • Guy Standing (Bath) Youth in the Precariat: A New Dangerous Class?
  • Geoff White (Greenwich) & Richard Croucher (Middlesex) Minimum Wage and Youth Rates
  • Mònica Clua (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) The EU’s Plans for Social Inclusion and youth (precarious) employment


Coffee Break


Session 2: (chair: Miguel Martinez Lucio, MBS University of Manchester)

  • Anda Stamati (ΓΣΕΕ/ Greek TUC) Continuity and Discontinuity in Employment Policy for Young Workers after the Crisis: The Greek case
  • Annalisa Murgia (Louvain-la-Neuve) Trapped or Flexible? Risk transitions and missing policies for young high-skilled workers in Spain, Italy and UK
  • Pietro Manzella & Emmanuele Massagli (Marco Biagi Foundation/ Modena) Can proper educational guidance help young people access the labour market? The Italian case within the European context



Coffee Break


Session 3: Synopsis of the seminar series/ Wrap-up discussion / future actions

(chair: Lefteris Kretsos, Greenwich)

Lefteris Kretsos (Greenwich), International Patterns of Youth Precarious Employment and Policy Responses

Melanie Simms (Warwick), Causes of Youth Precarious Employment

Miguel Martinez Lucio (Manchester), Union Responses to the Rise of Youth Precarious Employment


Dinner at the Trafalgar Tavern


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