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October 16, 2012 / Sian Moore

WERU and PSIRU to work with the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)

Announcement: Research Centre on Privatization and Outsourcing

16 October 2012

The University of Greenwich and the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) are pleased to announce the Resource Centre on Privatisation and Outsourcing. Under this agreement, concluded in early 2012, Greenwich-based researchers will support PCS Commercial Sector and anti privatisation campaigns by providing policy reports and corporate profiles. The researcher team will be based in the Public Sector International Research Unit (PSIRU) and the Work and Employment Research Unit (WERU).

Researchers will support the union’s campaigns to protect and improve pensions, job security, and pay, as well as tackling broader problems of privatisation, outsourcing, and offshoring. This work will support PCS in representing its members as well as organising the unorganised.

For more information please visit the websites of PCS, PSIRU, and WERU, or contact the centre’s director, Prof Ian Greer (


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