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February 18, 2013 / Sian Moore

Global Trends in Wages: Causes and Effects on Growth

Friday 22 March 2013, 2pm – 5pm

Hamilton House, 15 Park Vista, Greenwich, London SE10 9LZ

There has been a significant decline in the share of wages in GDP in both the developed and developing countries following the 1980s; the Global Recession of 2007-2013 has further enhanced this trend. Why have wage shares fallen? What happens to global growth and employment when the wage shares fall? We look forward to a lively debate on these questions to address some of the most urgent policy issues of the post-crisis era, and in particular implications for wage and labour market policies to foster global recovery and job creation.

The University of Greenwich’s Work and Employment Research Unit welcomes you to a debate on these issues.  It features one of the lead authors of the ILO’s 2012 Global Wage Report, Dr. Sangheon Lee, and the authors of the two background projects for the report, Professor Engelbert Stockhammer and Professor Ozlem Onaran.  The discussion will open with contributions from Bill Wells, Deputy Director Labour Market Directorate, Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, and Nicola Smith, Head of the Economic and Social Affairs Department of the Trades Union Congress.

The papers are available at

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