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March 26, 2013 / Sian Moore

New approaches to leadership in the public services: insights from research and practice

Thursday 23 May 2013, 10:00-16:30

Hamilton House, University of Greenwich, 15 Park Visa, Greenwich SE10 9LZ

Organisers: Sheila Barrett; Professor David Gray; Dr Kyle Ingram; Dr Patrick McGurk

There have long been calls for better leadership in the public services. Decision-makers at all levels in public service organisations are now expected to demonstrate not only efficient management but also effective leadership. This includes the setting of high professional standards, motivating and developing staff, and the stimulating of change and innovation. But the field of leadership continues to evolve, with important new themes emerging that challenge mainstream conceptions of leadership practice.

Researchers from the University of Greenwich Business School invite practitioners and academics to a day-seminar to discuss new insights from research and leadership practice. The key themes will be:

• positive and mindful leadership

• relational ambivalence between leaders and followers (loving and hating your manager)

• leading within new forms of organisation (both complex and simple).

This will be an interactive seminar, with an emphasis on discussion of the implications of new ideas for leadership practice, and with ample space and opportunity for colleagues to network.

The keynote address at the start of the seminar will be given by Sir Leigh Lewis on ‘Future Challenges for Public Service Leaders’. Leigh is the former Permanent Secretary of the Department of Work and Pensions, and now a Visiting Research Fellow at the Business School.  Delegates will attend two workshops throughout the day spanning the three key themes: positive leadership: relational ambivalence; and new versus old organisations. The workshops present the opportunity to discuss new academic work on leadership with researchers Sheila Barrett, Colin Coulson-Thomas, David Gray, Kyle Ingram and Patrick McGurk. The plenary at the end of the day will pull the main lessons of the seminar together and discuss ways of continuing the dialogue between practitioners and researchers.

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