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April 9, 2014 / Sian Moore

Ozlem Onaran book launch and debate: “Wage-Led Growth: An Equitable Strategy for Economic Recovery”

Prof. Ozlem Onaran of WERU will be speaking together with Prof. Engelbert Stockhammer (Kingston University) and Andrew Harrop (General Secretary of the Fabian Society) to launch a new book on strategies for a wage-led recovery. The debate will take place on April 29 at Portcullis House, Thatcher Room, 6.30-8.30pm. 

Organized by Economists Against Austerity, the debate will build on the contributions of Prof. Stockhammer and Prof. Onaran in a recent edited book titled “Wage-Led Growth: An Equitable Strategy for Economic Recovery” ( The talk will present new empirical evidence regarding the causes and consequences of the falling wage share and rising inequality in income distribution. The authors argue that distributional shifts in favour of capital and the rise in income inequality have reduced economic growth and increased economic instability. The aim of the meeting is to discuss the policy strategies for a wage-led recovery that would alleviate the problems associated with the rising household debt needed to sustain consumption expenditures and with new mercantilist policies based on wage moderation. A rebalancing in favour of wages will be an essential element of equitable and sustainable growth. The debate will provide evidence on why “Britian needs a pay rise,”  and how can we achieve it.

For more information please get in touch with Prof Onaran (


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