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May 10, 2014 / Sian Moore

New book by Susan Corby and Pete Burgess

WERU members Susan Corby and Pete Burgess have written a new book, Adjudicating Employment Rights – A Cross-National Approach.

With the decline of collective regulation and the mushrooming of statutory rights in the developed world over the past half-century, they argue, individual workplace disputes are now often resolved by the civil courts, by labour courts, by administrative bodies or by arbitration. The nature and operation of these institutions, however, have been largely ignored in the employment literature. This book, by focusing on the institutional architecture itself, fills this gap. It considers the institutions in ten countries: seven European countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Great Britain, as well as countries outside Europe: the USA, South Africa and New Zealand. In addition, it compares these countries’ employment adjudication regimes through descriptive comparisons, the analysis of different institutions, and the evaluation of these countries’ institutions against a number of theoretical and policy yardsticks.

Order this book for yourself and/or your institution’s library – price £70/$110. Visit for more details.



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