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February 6, 2015 / Sian Moore

Industrial relations reading group

The reading group is part of WERU’s PhD training. We meet regularly to discuss articles and books that have been chosen by reading group members, WERU staff or PhD students. The themes and readings comprise of seminal texts within the field of Industrial Relations or reflect research interests of WERU. The group is open to everyone interested in work and employment relations. If you would like to attend the reading group meetings, please get in touch with Lisa Schulte, Please find below the list of themes addressed and the meeting dates:

03/12/2014   3-5pm   Marketization, Prof Ian Greer

21/01/2015   1-3pm   Varieties of Capitalisms, Prof Ian Greer

04/02/2015   1-3pm   (In)equality in Industrial Relations, Prof Sue Corby

24/02/2015   1-3pm   Marketization of Citizenship, Dr Barbara Samaluk

04/03/2015   1-3pm   Theories of Industrial Relations (work by Hyman and Kelly), Dr Graham Symon

11/03/2015   1-3pm   Precarious Work, Dr Charles Umney

06/05/2015   2-4pm   Polanyi’s Great Transformation, Daniele Tori and Thomas Obst, PhD candidates

13/05/2015   2-4pm   The Reserve Army Theory, Dr Patrick McGurk, and Richard Meridith, PhD candidate

03/06/2015   1-3pm   International Employment Relations, Peter Burgess


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