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New publications

PSI has released a report produced by Dr Wim Vandekerckhove and Arron Phillips of University of Greenwich  and other partners on: Checkmate to corruption: Making the case for a wide-ranging initiative on whistleblower protection 

Dr Wim Vandekerckhove has  published a paper in La Revue des droits de l’homme on  Freedom of expression as the “broken promise” of whistleblower protection.

Sian Moore’s letter to the Guardian on why Zero-hours contracts are not working for most people. You can read the letter on the following link:

A new paper by Patrick McGurk and Martin Allen on Apprenticeships in England: impoverished but laddered describes the English apprenticeship system and summarizes current research on the outcomes of that system. It aims to inform federal and state administrative policy makers and legislators, program administrators, and the staff of training and apprenticeship organizations who are interested in understanding the features and performance of the current English system.

Barbara Samaluk’s paper on Migrant workers’ engagement with labour market intermediaries in Europe: symbolic power guiding transnational exchange has just been published at Work, Employment and Society journal. The article explores the strategies of migrant workers from post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) within the process of transnational exchange characterized by transnational labour market intermediaries that have substantially altered the former national bilateral employment relations. An open access PDF version is accessible on this link.

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