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Past events

WERU seminar on Public sector pay and industrial relations under the conservatives with the following speakers: Nicola Allison (Office for Manpower Economics), Josie Irwin (Royal College of Nursing), Heather Wakefield (Unison), David Powell (National Union of Teachers) and Alastair Hatchett (Visiting Research Fellow, Greenwich), 27 April 2016.

WERU semniar on  ‘Industrial Relations In The Emerging Economies’ took place on 9 March 2016. It considered industrial relations in emerging economies. We had three expert speakers on three countries – Professor William Brown (Cambridge) on China, Professor Richard Croucher (Middlesex) on the post-soviet countries and Margaret Renn on South Africa.

On 20th January WERU hosted a seminar on the gender pay gap and the impact of the changing labour market for women. We had three excellent speakers David Freeman, from the Office for National Statistics, SallyBrett from TUC and Dr Monica Costa Dias, from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

The Work and Employment Research Unit at the University of Greenwich has hosted a half day workshop titled ‘Austerity versus Social Europe: Neoliberal labor market reforms on the Mediterranean’. This workshop was part of the project the Effects of Marktization on Societies: The Case of Europe (TEMS). More info can be found on project’s blog.

WERU seminar taking place on the 9th December, considered the prospective changes in employment law under the Conservative government elected in 2015, including the current Employment Bill. We had three expert speakers – Darren Newman (Ex-IDS Brief and independent legal consultant), Sarah Veale (ex-TUC) and Professor Sian Moore (Greenwich). We considered the range of legal changes envisaged by the Government, not just the current Employment Bill.

Marketization and neoliberal restructuring in Europe workshop (TEMS project). University Of Greenwich, 1 July 2015. To register for this event please contact Lisa Schulte ( More information


PhD lecture series in advanced macroeconomics in Post-Keynesian, institutionalist, and Marxian political economy, jointly organized by the University of Greenwich and Kingston University. More information


The Association of Heterodox Economics 17th Annual Conference on Growth, Cycles and Sustainability. Southampton Solent University, 2-4 July 2015. More information.


Alternative Economic Strategies to Resolve Global Inequalities. Professor Ozlem Onaran (University of Greenwich) and Dr Matt Vidal (King’s College London). Work and Employment Research Unit Seminar, University of Greenwich, 20 May 2015. More information


Professor Dale Belman on, “What We Know about the Minimum Wage.” Queen Anne Court, room QA180, University of Greenwich. 7 May 2015 at 17:00. To register please email name, email address and organisation/department to


PhD training session on UK income data: sources and interpretation. The session will be given by Alastair Hatchett. University of Greenwich, 23 April 2015. Presentation slides


Minimum Wages – An International Perspective.

Work and Employment Research Unit Seminar, University of Greenwich, 18 March 2015. More information


Performance-Related Pay in the UK. Ken Mulkearn (Editor IDS Pay Report). Work and Employment Research Unit Seminar, University of Greenwich, 11 February 2015. More information


Central and Eastern European Employment Relations in Perspective: History, Geography and Variegation. International workshop, University of Greenwich, 30 January 2015. More information


HR 2025: Imagining the Future of HR conference, University of Greenwich, 28 January 2015. More information


All quiet at the front? Dispute resolution in the 21st Century. Sir Brendan Barber, Chair of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) Council. Big Picture Seminar, University of Greenwich, Tuesday 27 January 2015. More information and to register


Sir Leigh Lewis, Former Permanent Secretary of DWP seminar on behind the scenes in Whitehall, ‘The Real Yes Minister – the truth about ministers and mandarins.’ University of Greenwich, Wednesday 3 December 2014. More information.


How Accurate is the Picture of UK Employment Relations Portrayed by WERS?

Work and Employment Research Unit Seminar, University of Greenwich, Wednesday 26 November 2014. More information.


What’s the Future for UK Public Sector Employment?

  • Professor Stephen Bach (Kings College London) on the future of public sector employment relations: challenges and prospects.
  • Alastair Hatchett (University of Greenwich) on public sector pay.
  • David Powell (National Union of Teachers) on teachers and PRP.

Work and Employment Research Unit Seminar, University of Greenwich, Wednesday 22 October 2014. More information


David Yeandle, ‎President of the United Nations Staff-Management Committee Seminar on the Question, “Have British Workers Benefited from EU Membership?” University of Greenwich, Wednesday 8 October 2014. More information



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