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WERU members


Prof Sian Moore

Former directors

Prof Ian Greer, Prof Susan Corby, Prof Geoffrey White


Shanaz Sumra


Prof David Gray Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, Prof Ozlem Onaran Expertise in globalization, crisis, income distribution, employment, development, and gender, Dr Barbara Samaluk Expertise in labor migration, transnational employment relations, European integration, Central and Eastern Europe, sociology of work, Dr Bethania Mendes de Brito Antunes Reward management in organisations and the relationship between reward, the organisational context and worker motivation, Dr Celia Stanworth Reader, Work Futures, Dr Charles Umney Expertise in employment relations, international trade unionism and creative labour, Dr Denise Hawkes Expertise in labour and family economics, applied econometrics, longtidinal and twin data, Dr Gabriella Cagliesi Programme Leader, Economics, Principal Lecturer, Dr Graham Symon Senior Lecturer, Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour, Dr Katia Iankova Senior Lecturer, Dr Kyle Ingram Expertise in the employee-organisation relationship, leadership, and pro social behaviour, Dr Patrick McGurk Expertise in management and leadership, Dr Ulke Veersma Expertise in employer/union consultation and participation across Europe, Dr Lefteris Kretsos Expertise in precarious employment, young workers, and employment relations in southern Europe, Dr Max Tookey Expertise in the psychological contract, Dr Wim Vandekerckhove Expertise in whistle-blowing, Dr Crystal (Han-Huei) Tsay Expertise in cross-cultural learning and adaptation and knowledge management and learning in teams, Dr Nataliya Rumyantseva Expertise in higher education leadership development, Dr Rebecca Hewett Expertise in reward and motivation Dr Cécile Emery Expertise in leadership emergence, leader differentiation and social network analysis, Dr Laura Williams Expertise in equality and diversity and employment relations, Dr Adrian Madden Senior lecturer in employment studies.

PhD students

Arron Phillips, Bachchu Kaini, Carol Johansson, Daniele Tori, Dusan Gruicic, Emmanuel Igwe, Estera Onoapovik, Genevieve Coderre-Lapalme, Lisa Schulte, Maria Mantynen, Maria Papanikou, Richard Meredith, Roger Wornham, Rupert Harwood, Shanaz Sumra, Thomas Obst, and Tom Lawson.

Associate members

Peter Burgess, David Hall (PSIRU at Greenwich), Alastair Hatchett, James Kennell (EDREC at Greenwich), Nick Krachler, Jane Lethbridge (PSIRU at Greenwich), Angela Wright (Westminster),  Minghua Zhao (Greenwich Maritime Institute), Paul Field, Sir Leigh Lewis, Prof Erik Poutsma (Nijmegen), Onur Metin (Sakarya), and Sarah Nies (ISF-Muenchen).

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